Mongolia: Ulaan Bataar

Diplomatic relations with Mongolia were established in 1963 and the first resident ambassador arrived in Ulaan Bataar in 1966 and set up shop in the insalubrious Ulan Bator Hotel. A small compound, Building No. 30, Peace Street (now Enkh Taivny Gudamzh), the main thoroughfare, previously occupied by the Cuban embassy, was leased from the Mongolian authorities for seven years in 1968, and has been continuously renewed since then. The drab two-storey building on it, built in 1947, for long had the offices occupying half the first floor, the residence the other half, three staff flats on the ground floor, and a small cottage at the rear for official visitors. The amenities comprised a tennis court, a recreation/games room in the cellar, and a greenhouse for the staff to grow vegetables. The residence eventually moved out to a superior apartment in Olympic Street.


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