A second edition (Spire Books 2017) of ROOM FOR DIPLOMACY:  The History of Britain’s Diplomatic Buildings Overseas 1800-2000 is available at £45 (RRP) through bookshops and on Amazon. Alternatively, orders can be placed direct with the author, via the comment box below, at £35 (plus £4.45 postage within UK). Orders will be dispatched immediately after receipt of payment by cheque or bank transfer.

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This website is a catalogue of past and present British embassy and consulate buildings owned or long-leased overseas by the British government.

It is arranged in eight geographical regions of the world, as in the menu above: each leads to a list from which to select a Country or City page. Alternatively, use the Search box at the bottom of this page for any Country, City, Post or person. A single click on any small illustration will bring an enlargement up on the screen.

This website complements my history of this collection of buildings that was published by Spire Books in 2011 (Room for Diplomacy: Britain’s Diplomatic Buildings Overseas 1800-2000). While the book related the buildings to each other in an historical context, this catalogue considers each  one separately.

I should much welcome emailed comments, corrections, questions and contributions!