Yochow (Yueyang)

Near the confluence of Hunan’s main river with the Yangtze, this port was opened to foreign trade in response to British pressure, and a consulate site selected. The Post was, however, closed in 1901.


Capital of the province, on the right bank of the Hsiang river, was opened to trade under the China-Japan Commercial Treaty of 1903. A consulate was opened in 1905. The first consul lived at first in a houseboat and then in a rotten house. A two acre consular site on the narrow island in the middle of the river was leased in perpetuity in 1909, and an additional adjacent 1½ acres in 1911. A two-storey consul’s house and offices were completed in 1912. The buildings were practically demolished during the Second World War and British title to the property was renounced in a 1952 communication to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Elevations drawing for consulate, 1910.

Sketch section and elevation, 1909.

Consulate sketch plans, 1909.

Part of south frontage of consulate, 1912.