Wuchow (Wuzhou)

Inland town on the west River, about 200 miles west of Canton. Post opened 1897 and a site for a consulate acquired in 1898 by perpetual lease, unusually [if not exceptionally] for a river port not on the bank but on the top of a hill on the west side of the Fu-Ho and West river junction. The lessors were the local gentry and the owners of graves on the land (which were subsequently removed). Another small piece of land was added later. A consul’s bungalow and a two-storey constable’s quarter completed 1900 with extensive steps up from the office. Property sold in 1928 to General Huang on behalf of the Guanxi government.

Consul’s bungalow on the top of the hill, 1911.

Siteplan of consulate: residence on top of the hill, offices and constable’s quarter on the river bank at the bottom, 1911.

Residence floor plan, 1899.

Offices on ground floor, constable on first, 1911.